Actualize great harmony in the world by improving the quality of life
in an underprivileged neighbor with the spirit of serving and sharing.”

'TaiWha Vision 2015'

Welfare-centered to open the future

  • Goal 1 Reinforce the spirit of serving
    • Cultivate social welfare specialists
    • Development & conduct leading projects
  • Goal 2 Expand sharing domain
    • Expand domestic / international domain
    • Bulid domestic / international networks
  • Goal 3 Leading welfare management
    • Improve the value of ‘Taiwha’
    • Bulid standard management system
Core values
  • We are Christians to serve God with diverse social services.
  • We are professional social worker who follow social worker’s value and ethics.
  • We are successor to follow spirit and history of Taiwha.
  • We are partners to work together with diverse sectors.
  • We are pioneers to lead with social work knowledge.
Right Person for TaiWha

“TaiWha Members Put PEACE into Practice”

  • P artner Share the spirit of serve and sharing
  • E thical Professional Have social Welfare ethics and specialty
  • A ctive Christian Put Christian mission into practice
  • C ommunicator Communiicate with diverse sector
  • E xperimenter Creatively pioneer the future