About Us

‘TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation' will become a hope and promise for our neighbors with sharing and serving.

TaiWha Is

Taiwha Is

TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation was established in 1921 as the nation’s first social welfare community center. Korea’s Independence was proclaimed at TaiWha Building on March 1, and Seoul Social Evangelistic Center for Women initiated programs for children and women, which was the origin of TaiWha foundation.

We promote social welfare programs for individuals, their families and local community. We improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged people in Korea and abroad through 42 social welfare facilities across the nation, GREAT PEACE CAMBODIA in Battambang and GREAT PEACE in Lao PDR in Vientiane.

We open a new future for social welfare. TaiWha has worked hard for the betterment of poor neighbors. We aim to keep moving forward to realize our century-long dream with them.

  • Domestic Social Welfare
    A total of 41 social welfare centers
    & facilities in operation
  • Overseas Social Welfare
    Battambang ‘GREAT PEACE CAMBODIA’,
    Vientiane ‘GREAT PEACE in Lao PDR’
  • Social Welfare R&D
    Education & R&D activities to strengthen
    social welfare competence and expertise