About Us

‘TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation' will become a hope and promise for our neighbors with sharing and serving.



This pattern represents that the great peace and complete harmony which are realized only when we are together. Moreover, the whirlpool-like movement expresses TaiWha's Services and future that move dynamically.

Symbol Mark
Minimum provisions: 17mm, color symbol, 20mm size of 17mm symbol placed on the grid guide

During the 1930’s when the TaiWha pursued after the social welfare Services in a full-fledged manner, TaiWha's social welfare Services for the sake of the Koreans did not stop even when we had lost our country. Taegeuk pattern was engraved carefully with the life at stake into the sermon room of the TaiWha community center (currently, lot of the TaiWha Building) constructed anew at the time when the Japanese colonial rule was entering the latter stage, and when we had lost our writing, language and even our name. TaiWha spoke silently that this land is for the Korean people and that the TaiWha is the place where the new day of this land is dreamt