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TaiWha promotes intercommunicating programs together with partners from around the world.

About the Program


Great Peace in Lao PDR improves the quality of life
of the local residents
by operating Community Center
and providing professional social work services,
furthermore, to contribute capacity building
of social
welfare in Lao People.


Goal I To improve the family functioning of low-income households.

Daycare Center
  • Target Preschool children aged 3-5 who need to be protected.
  • Goal To keep children safe from negative social environment for the growth of whole person
  • When Jan. - Dec.
  • Description
    • Practical life skill, Basic education(Language, Math, Art and Music)
    • Special program (birthday party, parent education, Family Camp)

Goal II To protect vulnerable social groups (eg. the aged or disabled) and further empower them to be valued participants in local society.

Music & Dance Class for the Elderly
  • Target 30 senior citizens
  • Goal To prevent and lessen feeling of isolation and loneliness
  • When Jan. - Dec. (monthly)
  • Description
    • Music dance program
Daily Necessities Support
  • Target 15 people with special needs in targeted areas
  • Goal To lift up the life quality by providing daily necessities.
  • When Jan. - Dec. (monthly)
  • Description
    • Rice and special needs

Goal III To improve community organization and promote a social network.

Youth Volunteer Club
  • Target 12 youth from a local community
  • Goal To form a youth network
  • When Jan. - Dec.
  • Description
    • Experience variety social work services
    • Participation in communal project
    • Capacity building program(workshop)
Community Library
  • Target Local residents
  • Goal To provide educational leisure & culture environment for the local residents
  • When Jan. - Dec.
  • Description
    • Storytelling, Library Service
International Children’s Day Event
  • Target A total of 150 children
  • Goal To enhance social cohesion among the locals
  • When May
  • Description
    • Children’s Day Festival
Community Football Tournament
  • Target 200 local residents
  • Goal To enhance social cohesion
  • When Oct
  • Description
    • Football tournament
  • Target A total of 500 locals
  • Goal To promote community participation helping others
  • When Dec.
  • Description
    • bazaar, cultural activities
Children’s Playground Support
  • Target Children from a local community
  • Goal To provide children with safe environment to play out.
  • When Mar. – Dec.
  • Description
    • Setting up and management

Goal 4 To provide educational opportunities for local residents.

Sewing Course Support
  • Target 30 women who need vocational training
  • Goal To empower women’s participation in society by strengthening vocational skills.
  • When Apr. – Sep.
  • Description
    • Tuition and school materials
    • Holding an exhibition
Public Health & Hygiene Education
  • Target 160 local residents
  • Goal To enhance basic public health & hygiene in a local community
  • When May, Nov
  • Description
    • Tuition and school materials
    • Holding an exhibition
  • Target 20 local residents
  • Goal To promote healthy life among community members.
  • When Jan. - Dec.
  • Description
    • Aerobics class

Goal V Reinforce the capabilities of social work personnel, in order to further enhance social work services.

Social Welfare Education for Employees
  • Target 16 employees
  • Goal To help the employees build their social work competence
  • When Jan. - Dec.
  • Description
    • Capacity building and development workshop