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Laos is located in the north of the Cambodian standards, as neighboring Thailand, the west, and northwest Myanmar, east of Vietnam. Capital is Vientiane.


Great Peace in Laos has been working in Laos since 2013, supporting over 6 target villages in Vientiane and reaching hundreds of community members. In the communities that we work with, there are difficulties accessing adequate social work services. Today, we provide a variety of social work services like Early Childhood Education, Youth Social Engagement, Women Vocational Training, and Social Integration for handicapped and elderly. We operate under an agreed MOU with the Government of Lao PDR. Nowadays, a highly passionate team is working for Great Peace Laos, consisting of three international and 12 national staff members. Our project office is located in Vientiane Capital.


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Laos Country Introduction
Country Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Population 6.7 million (as of 2013)
Capital Vientiane
Area 236,800km2, approx. 1.1 times greater than the Korean Peninsula
Region Hinayana Buddhism: 95%, Roman Catholicism & Protestant.
* The rest believe in animism.
Language Lao
Currency Kip (1USD = 8,040 Kip)
GDP 1,646 USD (as of 2013)
HDI 0.569 (139th out of 187 countries, 2013) * HDI: Human Development Index
Target Area – 6 Villages in Chanthabury District, Vientiane Capital.

Among a total of 30 villages in Chanthaburi, Vientiane, six villages were targeted. About 30 percent (18,055 people) of total population of Chanthaburi live in the six target villages and 150 households were recommended by 6 village offices for our pre-research conducted in 2012.

Laos affiliate business targets six regions (western regional technical standards clockwise)

Local Community Need Survey in September 2012
Local Community