Handicapped People
Children / Adolescents

To help the family members of a handicapped child reduce the burden of caring and provide an opportunity to develop daily life ability and adaptation to a society to the poor child.

Developmental rehabilitation

To provide diverse development rehabilitation services to the handicapped children such as speech therapy, cognitive therapy music therapy and fine arts therapy for their functional and behavioral development

Social adaptation

To help them live an independent social life through diverse training programs.

Support on getting a job

To help the handicapped people live an independent life finally and socially by giving them a vocational training and job opportunity

Medical rehabilitation

To provide medical rehabilitation services such as speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy to the handicapped people.

Emotional support

To provide emotional support to the handicapped people who are psychologically and emotionally dispirited and help them be able to solve various daily life problems

Support on leisure activities

To improve life satisfaction and provide an opportunity of social activities through sound leisure activities.

Housing support

To help the handicapped people live an independent life and maintain their quality of lives.

Protection of human rights

To help the handicapped people be able to deliver a lecture to a local community under diverse topics.