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Education & research to strengthen competence for social welfare services and build expertise

‘TaiWha’ has promoted
the social welfare R&D program to
achieve social welfare.

Let’s take a look at TaiWha Social Welfare Research Institute which
keeps working hard to build expertise based on social welfare theory.

  • Study on social welfare-related

  • Employee development and educational support

  • Publication of social welfare-related records and information sharing

  • Exchange with social welfare academics and R&D institutes

  • 2014
    • Oct. Oct.1st year annual report for ‘Serving & Sharing’ published
    • Dec. ’ TaiWha Christian Social Welfare History Research Report’ published ‘TaiWha Vision 2015’ performance index development project carried out
  • 2013

    ‘Serving & Sharing’ program supported
    (five organizations: TaiWha, Incheon, Daejeon, Busan and HaengBogNaRu)

  • 2012

    TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation’s ’ Super Vision Standard System’ established

  • 2011
    • ‘TaiWha Vision 2015’ Planning Program implemented
    • Jan. ‘Core program’ supported (Eunpyeong, Gongju, Mapo)
  • 2010
    • Jan. ‘Core program’ supported (Daejeon, TaiWha, Eunpyeong, Gongju, Mapo)
    • Oct. Seminar on TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation held (Logic Model-applied Social Welfare Implementation Program Planning & Assessment: Focusing on 'TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation')
    • Dec. Logic Model-based TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation’s ‘Core program’ report published
  • 2009

    Jan. Core program supported (Jangan, TaiWha Fountain House, Daejeon, TaiWha, Eunpyeong)

  • 2008
    • Current learning systems of the organizations under the direct control of 'TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation and survey on their needs
    • Survey on the local community needs in Tiflet village in Morocco and study on the business proposal for the House of the Citizen
  • 2007
    • Development and study of the operating manual for the Board of Directors of 'TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation'
    • Jan. Support on ‘Core program’ initiated (Jangan, TaiWha Fountain House)
    • Apr. Director Ahn Jung-seon inaugurated
  • 2006
    • A study on the roles of the Board of Directors of 'TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation' and its development plan
    • Apr. Established/Director Lee Eun-mi inaugurated