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Sponsorship Guide

TaiWha leads fundamental changes through the improvement of competence for individuals and local community, not just one-time sponsorship.

For more information about sponsorship, call at 02–733-9592
Counseling available from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays

Q1 How is the donated money spent?

Regular sponsorship

A sponsor appears every month and supports the program you have chosen.

Irregular sponsorship

A sponsor can participate in the sponsorship anytime you want.

Program Area
  • Oversea Sponsorship on overseas programs: Self-reliance support through social welfare programs in an underdeveloped country (Cambodia, Laos)
  • Domestic Sponsorship on domestic programs: Support on the operation of 35 social welfare centers and facilities

Q2 How to sponsor?

How to sponsor
CMS Regular
  • Donation every month through your bank account
  • Transferred on the 25th day of every month
※ What is ‘CMS’?
It is an automatic wire transfer of the agreed amount to the designated account without going to a bank in person. It makes donation easy and convenient. To apply for the CMS service, you need to inform bank name, account number, account holder and account holder’s date of birth (6-digit). All these personal data will NEVER be disclosed to a third party without a sponsor’s consent.
Credit Card Regular
  • How to sponsor using a credit card (either regular or irregular)
  • Cautions for regular sponsoring
    • For the first month, the money is paid at the request for sponsoring. Since the next month, it is paid on the 25th day of every month.
    • If a credit card is reissued or expires, the sponsorship ends.
  • The donation is added to the credit card bill under the title of '이니시스(사회복지법인 감리회 태화복지재단)'
Mobile PaymentIrregular
  • How to sponsor using the mobile payment system.
  • Donation is added to your phone bill; the item on the bill may differ by the communication service provider.
  • Item on the bill (differs by the communication service provider)
    • SKT : "소액결제_모빌리언스*"
    • KT : "모빌리언스실물소액결제"
    • LGU+ : "모빌리언스_일반결제"
without Passbook Irregular
  • How to deposit funds to 'TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation' account.
  • Account information (account holder : 복)감리회태화복지재단 (TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation))
    • Kookmin Bank: 006001-04-107085
    • Woori Bank: 1005-701-764194
    • Shinhan Bank: 100-028-194078
    • Nonghyup: 301-0109-9311-51

Q3 Any other sponsorship available?

Give Goods

We receive goods needed for poor neighbors in addition to funds. The sponsored goods are directly delivered to them through TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation’s social welfare facilities.

Give Talent

We are waiting for those who want to donate their talent and share some time with poor neighbors. Please donate your talent (knowledge, skills, etc.) for the disadvantaged people.

Corporation / Group Sponsorship

Sponsoring social contribution funds Sponsorship after selecting the program or campaign a sponsor wants

Sponsoring matching funds Sponsorship by the corporation, donating the same amount raised by employees’ volunteer sponsorship


Diverse fun and useful corporate/group volunteer activities through TaiWha Methodist Social Welfare Foundation’s facilities in Korea and abroad
* Able to visit the facilities in person if the sponsorship exceeds a certain amount